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Monarch Record Enterprises was founded in 1987 as a small publisher of books related to early sound recordings. Our main focus has been our series on the history of the Victor Record, its labels, and numerical series. From The Paper Dog in 1987, to the Collectors Guide to Victor Records in 1992, to the second revised edition of the Collectors Guide in 2010, each has brought more information to light on these highly collectible records.

The publication in 1993 of the last edition of Julian Morton Moses's landmark study of early celebrity recordings was particularly rewarding, as it allowed Mr. Moses the opportunity to comment on recent developments in the hobby, after having spent over 60 years as a professional dealer and collector.

The book on Columbia Records, Note the Notes, was a beginning, and after having received valuable input over the past ten years or so, Kurt Nauck will be combing through his massive collection in preparation for a second, expanded edition.

The Collector's Guide to EDISON Records is a collaborative effort with George A. Copeland, who wrote his original Guide in 1989. This revised and updated edition we think you'll agree, is a huge improvement.

Our latest publication is E. BERLINER'S GRAMOPHONE, a monograph done with the assistance of David Giovannoni on the history of the American 7-inch Berliner Record. It is filled with numerous photos, detailing all known label variations on these primitive discs.

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