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Collector's Guide to Edison Records

Collector's Guide to Victor Records

Revised 2nd Edition

American Celebrity Recordings

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by George Copeland and Michael Sherman

Some 23 years after he originally published his Collector's Guide, George A. Copeland has teamed with Michael W. Sherman to create a revised edition of this indespensible guide to Edison Diamond Discs.

Covering the entire story of the discs from 1912 through 1929, this illustrated book outlines all known label varieties and discusses in detail the manufacturing characteristics and sonic qualities of Edison records year by year.

Included as well are numerous charts showing the catalog numbers for those records pressed without them, the actual names of artists when not named on the labels, sales graphs, matrix and catalog number release graphs and detailed manufacturing data enabling the collector to identify when his record was pressed. 84 pages, over 110 photos.

Available for $16.00 plus $7 priority shipping.

by Michael Sherman and Kurt Nauck (1999)

This groundbreaking work was the first examination of the history of the Columbia Disc Record label. 64 pages.

Available for $9.00 plus $4 shipping.

by Julian Morton Moses (1993)

Some 44 years after its original publication, the legendary author Julian Moses revised and updated his classic work on American Celebrity recordings of the first quarter of the 20th century. 210 pages.

Available for $12.00 plus $5 shipping.

by Michael Sherman with the collaboration of Kurt Nauck (2010)

After nearly two decades, the Collector's Guide to Victor Records has been revised and updated. With over 110 additional pages and hundreds of new photographs, this new edition covers the history of Berliner and Victor 78 rpm disc records in greater detail than ever before.

Now featuring 288 pages and published in full color, the book is a must-have for every collector of Victor 78 rpm records.

Offered in both hardcover ($49.95) and softcover ($29.95) plus $7.00 shipping.